Conveyor belts Evolution Sap 2000/150

Linea Forest Winner

Tecnomeccanica is proud to present you a new product in the wood elevator field, the modular wood elevator “Evolution”.

This conveyor belt has a bolted zinc-plated structure that can be disassembled for easy transport.
In fact, completely disassembled, it can fit into a box measuring 200x600x600 cm.
Furthermore, the elevator can be extended by adding a module at any time, without having to change the machine or the belt.
Another special feature is that the plates bolted onto the belt are in iron, making it easy to replace only the belt when made necessary due to wear, thereby minimising maintenance costs.

This elevator will be distributed in 5 models and 2 versions.
The models will be differentiated by the length:

and the versions will be differentiated by engine type:


This new machine has additional advantages:
1.     structure in galvanized material with characteristics of strength and extreme lightness (150 kg for the 5.0 mt long model);
2.     reduced width of the belt (150 mm) but which ensures transport of wood till a diameter of 450 mm thanks to the particular backbone shape;
3.     possibility to vary the length of the machine or the type of traction (electric or hydraulic) thanks to the modular structure.

Technical Details:

- kw 0.75

  • Pneumatic wheels 15x6.00-6   6P.R. with bearings
  •  Bonfiglioli electric engine reducer with  16 H  CE switch , Sawer Danfoss  hydraulic engine with L=2300 pipes +  Faster connectors
  • Thanks to a new design the PVC 3cloths belt + iron strips can last working for a long time.
  • The belt is only 15 cm  wide  but it allows to move wood until 45 cm diameter , comparable with belts 45 cm wide and with  many more advantages..


-       3 years Warranty



    Regarding safety, this new model does not require a central safety grid.

The structure is designed to keep the wood carried always in longitudinal position with respect to the side edges, not allowing the wood to roll down.


Surface width Iron strips Planking passage
ELS 400 4,00 m 15 cm 6 cm 50 cm
ELS 500 5,00 m 15 cm 6 cm 50 cm
ELS 600 6,00 m 15 cm 6 cm 50 cm
ELS 700 7,00 m 15 cm 6 cm 50 cm
ELS 800 8,00 m 15 cm 6 cm 50 cm