Salt spreader


Self-loading salt spreader - This equipment is built with quality steel to ensure its durability.
This is the ideal machine to reduce maintenance costs and downtime, as it come equipped with a particularly simple mechanism that requires minimal maintenance, which can be carried out by the operator.
Thanks to its particular structure, the loading of the substance to be spread is very quick and easy. It is suitable for use even with very small tractors.

STANDARD Model: max capacity from 0,65 to 1,13 m³

Models Max size (m) Spreading width (m) Min.weight (kg) max capacity (m³)
SP 160 B - 0,65 1,66 1,50 350 0,65
SP 200 B - 0,82 2,06 1,90 390 0,82
SP 230 B - 0,95 2,36 2,20 490 0,95
SP 250 B - 1,13 2,55 2,40 530 1,13

MAXI Model: max capacity from 1,09 to 1,83 m³

Models Max size (m) Spreading width (m) Min.weight (kg) max capacity (m³)
SP 160 B - 1,09 1,66 1,50 414 1,09
SP 200 B - 1,38 2,06 1,90 470 1,38
SP 230 B - 1,60 2,36 2,20 590 1,60
SP 250 B - 1,83 2,55 2,40 648 1,83


  • Salt frangmeter rolle
  • Rear footprint lights
  • Stainless steel tank

For STANDARD Model only

  • TECNOPLUS security system
  • Covering cloth


TECNOPLUS: patented system consisting of a protective net on the vat that prevents direct contact with the crusher roller (thereby providing added operator safety).

This system also assures improved crushing of the salt lumps that come into contact with the roller, thereby preventing the risk of any blocking, or salt spreading failure.

Patent number TO 2000A00992.


    for salt distribution present throughout the entire length of the system.
    A protective net with metallic mesh is present at the base of the salt loading vat.
  • Single-action piston
    with parachute valve; present on all models.
    All the models feature special antiwear rubber inside the vat, of considerable thickness (10 mm) thereby assuring a long operational life whilst greatly reducing ordinary maintenance costs.
    Used to measure out the amount of salt to be spread and prevents the rotation of the crusher in a contrary sense (safety element engaged). This regulation system has the advantage in that it does not cause over-heating, as the regulator permits the return of the regulation oil to the control box circuit.
    Model 160 is equipped with a single lateral regulation device of the spring pressure on the lower tyre, whilst models 200, 230 and 250 feature double regulation (one per side).