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Agri Technics
Agri Technics

AGRI TECHNICS is the name of the Tecnomeccanica product line that encompasses machines for agricultural use.
The harrow, was studied by Tecnomeccanica and produced in both driven and towed versions.
This machine is used following ploughing to break up clods and soften the soil before sowing.
In other cases, the harrows can also be used to work the fertilizer into the ground, to break up grass or ground in preparation for new cultivations. Tecnomeccanica also recommends the rear loader for round bales F100 designed for storing round bales and the practical tractor-towed small crane TFG 300, which is indispensible for handling sacks and other bulky loads.
The vast ranage of product for agriculture also includes the self-propelled cart use for piling bales in the hayloft.