Dominator semi-inclined towed harrows,

foldable in three pieces

Linea Are Technics

    The semimounted towed harrow can be folded in three pieces and is equipped with a front furrow cracker, hydraulic tipping rear wheels and vibrating springs.
This is the ideal system for preparing the ground for sowing: the spring enters the ground and breaks up of clods of soil.
Three versions are available: Dominator 500, Dominator 600, and Dominator 700.


ERT 500 5000 mm 2.600 kg
ERT 600 6000 mm 3.200 kg
ERT 700 7000 mm 4.500 kg


Double laminated rollers + tubes for 5.00 m
Double laminated rollers + tubes for 6.00 m
Double laminated rollers + tubes for 7.00 m
Rear footprint lights
Security panels
Ploughshare made of NiCrMo4


Lifting tow bar attachment
Front roller Ø 400 mm front roller, 14 tubes of Ø 27 mm,
 6 mm thickness
Front smoother installed behind rollers every 50 cm
Leveler bar
4 Flex 32x12 spring lines
Hydraulically tippable rear wheels