Forestry Section

Forest Winner

The FOREST WINNER brand name encompasses a complete range of machines for lifting and handling timber in both large and smaller pieces.
Tecnomeccanica offers an ample variety of products in this section: Forestry loader, designed with a “central column” system to offer better stability both during operation and when parked; Forestry loader VERSUS and the Forestry trailer with built-in crane. The Small loading crane for timber TF250 BABY was designed for small quantities of wood, on the contrary to the Crane for timber TFG 300L, which is used above all for rough terrain. This small crane is particularly suited to all those sites where passageways are narrow, making it impossible to operate with a rotating loader, but the timber must in any case be moved dozens of metres with a loader before loading it onto a lorry trailer.
All loader models come equipped with standard grabs.
TECNOMECCANICA trunk loading grabs are narrower than those generally available on the market, thereby allowing better penetration into the wood pile, accelerating and simplifying the job.
The Forest Winner line also offers innovative products like the timber conveyor belts and Evolution modular elevator.