Hydraulic grapple splitter

Linea Forest Winner

Tecnomeccanica is pleased to introduce the new trunk splitting grapple.

Made from Domex 710 steel and equipped with lock valve

This is a new product in our forestry line. The trunk splitting grapple is available in 3 models and can be hitched to the forestry loader or other machinery.
It is a grapple capable of splitting trunks of considerable dimensions (in terms of diameter and length) with irregular shapes or unusual inner knots and veining. Thanks to its small size, it can be easily transported when hitched to a forestry loader or trailer, even if loaded.
This wood chip is practical enough to be used by only one operator, resulting in considerable savings in costs and time.
The trunk splitting grab is also available in a carriage version that allows the trunk to be split and immediately piled up in that the crane works with its loading grab completely independently.

Tractor-drawn version with extendable and articulated tiller


MODEL Weight Ø MAX log Pressure MAX
EXPLOSION 600 450 kg 600 mm 250 bar
EXPLOSION 800 750 kg 800 mm 250 bar
EXPLOSION 600 C 550 kg 600 mm 250 bar
EXPLOSION 800 C 850 kg 800 mm 250 bar