JOLLY 3 - Ideal for sidewalks and public spaces



Tecnomeccanica launches a absolute innovation for snow removal: Jolly 3.
This is a device capable of removing snow and spreading salt on pavements, even after abundant snowfalls.
Jolly 3 is the new mini-snowplough for wintertime road management that works on pavements or narrow pedestrian walkways. It is very useful for clearing public spaces like schools, hospitals, public offices, but also for quickly clearing manoeuvring lanes and private or condominium courtyards. The front snowplough clears passageways from snow.
The central part of the machine distributes salt on the ground uniformly over a span of 70 cm. Jolly 3 can be equipped with a salt spreader and snowplough so as to leave a layer of anti-slip material on ground freshly cleared of snow.

Minidumper with snowplough/salt spreading kit     


    JOLLY 3
Machine dimensions length, mm 1865 (1795)
  width, mm 675 (930)
      height, mm 1080 (900)
Belt type steel and rubber
Size length, mm 740
  width, mm 180
  roadway, mm 675
Motor   Mitsubishi GB130
Maximum power Kw (HP/rpm) 3,1 (4,2/2000)
Maximum capacity kg 400
Minimum ground light mm 90
Shift no. of gears 6 forward / 2 behind
Maximum speed forward km/h 0,4-0,7-1,2-1,6-2,7-4,4
  behind km/h 0,6-2,1
Grade ability % 25
Weight kg 180+250 with salt
spreader + snow blade



    JOLLY 3
Machine accessories operator platform standard
  electric ignition optional
  handlebar height adjustments standard – 3 positions
Road accessories salt spreader with crusher roller, width 700 mm standard
  3-position snowplow blade composed of: central part, width 700 mm plus lateral extensions, width 200 mm standard
  Snowplow 250 wide and 15° convex inward to facilitateclearing of open areas optional
  snowplow with blade optional
  working light (only for the model with electric ignition) optional
  auxiliary internal combustion engine (Honda GX200) complete with salt spreader system and blade standard
Goods transport accessories platform with extendable sides(height 150 mm) standard
  cover up optional


  • The salt spreader command is complemented by a unidirectional flow regulator that allows the
    amount of salt to be spread to be determined
  • Minidumper with series standard bed that allows
    the machine to be used outside of the
    winter season