Motorized sidewalk salt-spreader mod. SPEEDY SNOW


Tecnomeccanica offers a vast assortment of machinery for wintertime road management, snow removal equipment.
We produce motorised salt spreaders to meet all needs: salt spreaders for pavements and small public spaces, self-loading broadcast salt spreaders, salt spreaders for operating machines (for sector professionals).
We also offer a vast range of snowploughs for pavements and pedestrian walkways, snowploughs for public spaces, and equipment capable of both removing snow and spreading salt on pavements.

A detail of the forward-reverse drive flow regulator
A detail of the forward-reverse drive flow regulator

SpargSalt spreader with patented helical roller and independent HONDA motor for spreading salt and driving wheel.
The hydraulic salt distribution on this machine is regulated by a hydraulic flow regulator for optimal dosage of the product.
The commands (FORWARD - REVERSE) on the hydraulic system feature 2 flow regulators that allow the operator to regulate the maximum operating speed as desired.


Length mm 1980
Width mm 1050
Height mm 1100
Capacity kg 200
Maximum speed 4.5 km/h
Operating width cm 70
Honda motor GX200 5.8 HP