Subsoiler for soil drainage

Linea Are Technics

The subsoiler for draing the ground is a cutting device that does not alter the succession of the layers in that it does not overturn the tilled soil as a plough would, nor does it mix the soil as would a rotary tiller.
Three versions are available: 5-shank, 7-shank, and 9-shank subsoilers.

FIVE TINES 650 kg 800 mm
SEVEN TINES 770 kg 800 mm
NINE TINES 950 kg 800 mm

     Double roller solutions are also available:
when applying either two identical or different rollers to the same frame, we advise assembling the star-shaped roller on the front as the first roller.


 Light bar
 Security panels
 Parker roller
 Smooth roller
 Cage roller with tubes
 Lamellar roller with tubes
 Star-shaped roller
 Standard ploughshare made of NiCrMo4 (for difference)
 Double core ploughshare made of NiCrMo4
 (for difference)